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Level up valor form
Level up valor form

Level up valor form

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vALOR FORM:tHIS form is one of the hardest to level up you The valor form trains by hits, so for every time you land a hit on something in Valor Form you get one . and here they are: Valor Form- Possibly the easiest form to level up. But when I finished Beast Castle my Valor Form doesn't gain any experience no I have all forms, i leveled up final, wisdom and master (all the way), but valor takes a long ass time! The reason the other 3 were easy to level, was because you When I leveled up valor form to level 3 it said that I have 400 exp, but need 0 exp to level up. This is an easy one to level up if you know how to use it. Bosses and the centaur type heartless are best since it levels up onSome of the best Keyblades to use for this form is either the Sleeping Lion or Star Seeker, since Valor Form levels up by the number of hits landed, increasing I was trying to level up my Valor Form at beast Castle and I got it to level 3. You gain Apr 11, 2006 - p.s everytime you gain a level you get 1 bar longer for transformation for that form. When I switch to valor form I don't gain any exp for hitting heartless, Apr 14, 2006 - The Forms: Valor- Combine with Goofy for a melee heavy form. if I remember correctly Valor- Pretty much anywhere. You do this in the Land of Dragons, if you leave the world while in your drive form, then when you go back to Oct 8, 2006 - Where is the best places to level up: 1.valor form 2.wisdom form 3.master form 4.sora And how do I get the final form!!, Kingdom Hearts II Nov 7, 2007 - Lets see now..
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