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Hybrid bow guide
Hybrid bow guide

Hybrid bow guide

Download Hybrid bow guide

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Pure Str & Hybrid Str Bow Guide [100 cap] [sro 110 pvp] pure str bow vs. Would just If not go hybrid 2:1 its the most fundamental build just like pure STR or pure INT.Spear hybrid , Bow Str or Bow Hybrid11 posts4 Jun 2014opinions on full str/hybrid bow/glavie builds plz15 posts29 Sep 2011Int bow guide7 posts9 Jun 2011More results from www.rev6.comPure Str & Hybrid Str Bow Guide [100 cap] -- Guides Forum › Silkroad Online › GuidesCachedSimilarOct 20, 2009 - 2 posts - ?1 authorA place for posting guides and tutorials you have written for Silkroad Online. hybrid spear dat spear worst build i've ever seen. Hybrid Bower has many different play role. Pacheon + Fire/Light - Max damage, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about pure int / hybrid Bow builds. now look at str hybrid bow u get kinda 5500 dmg from phy and 1500 dmg from Aug 2, 2011 - This Build is a 70:70 Balanced Bow which means you have a I dont really care about Hybrid haters just stay out of this Thread and dont say [Guide] Pure Str & Hybrid Str Bow Guide [100 cap]. Ive heard that a 70:70 hybrid bow can be good. I've checked youtube and there are several vids about pureSilkroad 23 Oca 2012. Read moreShow less in my opinion hybrid bow its **** !!! sorry its a nice guide butbow its a crit based to make good crits u need to have as much str asSTR/INT/HYBRID Bow or Glavie?6 posts31 Dec 2013Hybrid bow at 110 cap?5 posts26 Feb 2011BEST BOW INT HYBRID BUILD5 posts2 Feb 2009Hybrid Str Bow8 posts1 Aug 2007More results from www.elitepvpers.comSilkroad Online Forums • View topic - Bow build 70:70 GUIDE › › Guides and TutorialsCachedSimilarJan 3, 2007 - 30 posts - ?13 authorsThis Build is a 70:70 Balanced Bow which means you have a . bir turlu hesaplayamad?m buradaki hybrid kac str ye kac int? Which is best for a build that is good at hunting uniques and pretty good in pvp? Im gonna play silkroad again this summer and start on the Jun 20, 2009 - Hybrid Bower of this version is the most ultimate hybrid for bow.
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